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With over 20 years in the industry, we have both the knowledge and experience to complete projects from small to large scale, from new construction to renovations.
Montreal Electrician

If you are looking for professional service done in a timely manner, then Novatek Electric is your obvious choice. Feel free to call 514.852.9300
Montreal Electrician

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  1. John Lasenza

    Over the years, Novatek Electric inc. earned itself reputation as the ideal choice for residential electrical installation services. It has a team of electricians that are fully qualified, licensed and determined to offer the services that you need up to and beyond your expectations.

    You also need to ensure that the outside environment at your residence is safe. Most of the owners of homes do not consider installing emergency lights within the walkways of their home. Security experts advise that you need to put in place sufficient means of exits during the periods and times of outages in power.

    Frequent or prolonged power outages can frustrate your home-based business as well. If you are experiencing the problem of frequent power outages, you can easily overcome it if you install standby generators, which is where Novatek Electric’s Licensed Electricians step in. Our electrical technicians install the generators such that it automatically switches on and off depending on the variability of power or its outage. The standby generator is the ultimate assurance of 24/7 supply of power.

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